Was ist Insights?

Insights is our in-app reporting tool to give Admins more insight into how their team uses Skillshare. Du kannst den Bereich Insights auf der linken Seite deines Team-Administrations-Hubs einsehen, den du durch Auswahl von "Mein Team" in der Navigationsleiste findest.


Insights displays an interactive onboarding funnel, available for all plan types. Nur Administrator:innen und Besitzer können darauf zugreifen. The onboarding funnel shows you a high-level snapshot of license redemption and learning activity on the platform. The five (5) main sections of the onboarding funnel can be seen below:

  • Plätze insgesamt: Anzahl der Plätze, die für dein Konto erworben wurden.
  • Versendete Einladungen: Anzahl der versendeten Einladungen.
  • Beigetretene Mitglieder: Anzahl der Teammitglieder, die deine Einladung zur Teilnahme am Team angenommen und ihre individuellen Konten erstellt haben.
  • Aktive Mitglieder: Anzahl der Teammitglieder, die seit der Erstellung des Kontos Inhalte angesehen haben.
  • Action Items: Invite team members and/or resend pending invitations directly from the Insights view.



Engagement Overview 

This section provides an overview of how your team members are engaging with Skillshare over a given time period. You may select a variety of date ranges from the small dropdown located in this section to drill into the engagement subsections below:

  • Classes Started refer to the number of classes that team members have engaged with.
  • Classes Completed details the total number of classes completed by all team members.
  • Minutes Watched  details the total number of minutes watched by your team members for all classes.


You may drill into the Minutes Watched graph to view the trend of minutes watched by your team over a given time period of time. Hovering over a point in time will display the % change from the previous time period.

Additionally, you may want to get a better idea of what types of courses that your team is currently watching - For this, the Classes Watched table displays all courses that your team has engaged with, including a class-by-class breakdown of total number of members, total minutes watched, and completed classes.


Member Engagement Breakdown

If you prefer a spreadsheet format for viewing the data listed above, detailed team member activity can be viewed by downloading a CSV file.


We are currently working on bringing new insights and advanced reporting capabilities to life - stay tuned for more in upcoming releases.