Engagement Promotion: Engage Your Students to Earn! (November 2022)

Our students tell us they desire more teacher engagement; and teachers who meaningfully engage with their students are often more successful overall on the platform. To encourage these engagement best practices across our teacher community, while also learning as much as we can about them, we’re inviting you to participate in this engagement promotion.

For the next few months, try out any of our engagement best practices and share your experience with us in a short survey to be eligible to earn a monthly engagement reward. Many of you are already putting them into practice, so we hope this engagement promotion feels like an organic and rewarding way to earn while helping us learn how to make Skillshare the most valuable place for our members. Read on for full details about how to participate and earn in this engagement promotion.

For the original email we sent to all teachers announcing this promotion, visit here.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible for participation, you must have accrued at least 500 minutes watched across all of your classes in the previous month. You can check if you’re eligible by visiting your Teacher Stats Dashboard, heading to the Minutes Watched chart, clicking the Months view in the upper right, and hovering over the previous month’s dot to check total minutes watched that month. See example below.


How do I participate?

Participating in the engagement promotion is easy! To participate, complete the following steps:

  1. Try out at least one of our engagement best practices during the month. A list of our engagement best practices is in the next section, along with helpful tips for each!
  2. Complete a (very) short survey at the end of the month, sharing what best practice you tried and how it went. We will directly email all eligible teachers a copy of the survey toward the end of each month, with clear instructions on how and when to complete it to qualify for that month’s engagement reward. Please note that if you do not submit your survey before 11:59pm EST on the 1st of the month following the qualifying month (e.g. December 1st for November promotion), you will not qualify for that month's engagement reward.

Once you complete your survey, you qualify to earn an engagement reward for that month! Beginning in November 2022 and for the next few months, you can earn an engagement reward each month when you successfully complete the steps outlined above.

Please note that we will be ensuring participating teachers are compliant with our Engagement Promotion Terms, Teaching Policies, Community Guidelines, and Terms of Service. If you violate any of these guidelines, you will be disqualified from the engagement promotion and may be subject to account review and closure.

What are the engagement best practices, and how do I do them?

To participate in the engagement promotion each month, try any of the engagement best practices and then complete a short survey letting us know how it went. Want to participate, but unsure how to start? Don’t worry — we have tips and resources for each linked below!

  • Encourage Project Creation — As teachers know well, every class on Skillshare has a class project, and this is because we believe learning is best accomplished by doing. A great way to engage with students is to encourage them to complete and share their projects in your classes. Head to this new blog post for the best tips and tricks for encouraging project creation, Teacher Tips: Encourage More Project Engagement.
  • Give Feedback on Student Projects — One of the most magical things about Skillshare’s community is that students can receive constructive feedback on their projects directly from their favorite teachers, ultimately helping them grow their skills and creative practice. Head to the link above to learn more about best practices for giving feedback to your students.
  • Facilitate Discussions with Your Students — Did you know you can send a discussion email to all your followers, or within your class to all of its students? It’s one of our favorite tools for interacting with students. Check out the link above to learn more about facilitating discussions through your profile and classes, or head to our blog post Teacher Tips: Use Discussion Announcements to Engage Your Community on Skillshare for more tips and examples.
  • Respond to a Student’s Discussion Post — Students can also start a discussion within one of your classes to ask questions or share thoughts about the class. We know responding substantively and in a timely manner gives that student a great experience, and can also help other students who have similar questions. To learn more, head to Best Practices for Engaging Discussions.
  • Encourage Students to Leave a Review — Many of our teachers forget to ask their students to leave a review, even though they’re one of the best ways to receive feedback on your classes. So give it a try during this engagement promotion (and beyond)! To learn more, head to Receive Student Reviews.

You might have noticed that these best practices look familiar! In fact, many, if not all of these, are already regularly implemented by our best teachers, and we coach and encourage them throughout our teacher resources. Engagement contributes to a more valuable experience for both our teachers and students (and we know that happy members are good for the business and community overall!) So we hope you’re already putting many of them into practice and continue to do so beyond this engagement promotion.

How much will I earn if I participate? And how will I be paid for participating?

You can earn a portion of the Skillshare Teacher Fund if you successfully participate in this engagement promotion. Each month you participate, you can earn a $25 USD engagement reward.

Once earned, these reward earnings will be accrued during the month of participation and be included in the relevant teacher payment. For example, if you successfully participate in November’s engagement promotion, you will receive your engagement earnings in the December 16th teacher payment.

As mentioned, we’re still experimenting with engagement earnings, so you will not see the amount earned reflected on your Teacher Stats Dashboard. If you want to confirm receipt of these earnings, follow these steps after the payment date:

  1. Login into your teacher account on Skillshare and navigate to your Payment Settings.
  2. Once there, click on the Payment History tab and then the relevant payment transaction details.
  3. Confirm the total amount sent to you represents your total earnings as displayed on your Teacher Stats dash, plus the engagement reward on top of those regular earnings.

Please note that earning engagement rewards will be subject to our usual Terms and payment requirements.

Why are you basing eligibility on previous minutes watched? What if I don’t have a lot of students, or I’m just getting started as a Skillshare teacher?

We want to ensure the promotion is open to teachers who have an existing student audience. If you’re a brand new teacher, and haven’t had a full month of teaching and thus minutes watched under your belt, we invite you to focus on promoting your classes and increasing your minutes watched, so you can participate next month! For more tips on that, visit Promote Your Class.

Why are you running this engagement promotion, and will there be more?

At the beginning of September we announced changes to how we pay our teachers (for more details, visit this FAQ), including that Skillshare will begin rewarding teachers for meaningful engagement with their students. At this time, engagement earnings will be a small portion of the new Skillshare Teacher Fund, and will evolve as we test, iterate, and build tools for the best, most equitable, and meaningful form of engagement. We’re confident that these investments will make the Skillshare community experience even stronger, and thus help us build a better Skillshare for the future.

We’re still in the process of fine-tuning the engagement portion and want you, our teacher community, to get involved. Over the next few months, we want to drive the most meaningful engagement that enhances the member experience and community, and learn as much as we can from it. Our goal is to better understand how teacher engagement impacts the overall student experience including important metrics like member subscription and renewal, and will also help us inform the next phase of engagement earnings from the Skillshare Teacher Fund. We’ll be sure to share any actionable insights from this period of learning back with our teacher community through our Teacher Help Center and other resources.

To gather a few months’ worth of data and feedback, we will be offering this engagement promotion during the months of November 2022, December 2022, and January 2023. (Note this means any engagement rewards earned in these months would be added to your December 16th, January 16th, and February 16th payments respectively). Each month you successfully participate in the engagement promotion, you will be eligible to earn an engagement reward that month! If we extend the promotion, we’ll be sure to let you know.


We’re looking forward to seeing you engage and hearing your feedback. Thanks for learning (and earning) with us! Have questions or feedback about the engagement promotion? Reach out to us at teach@skillshare.com.