Step-by-Step Uploading Guide

Once you have all your materials ready, you can publish your class! 

1. Log in to your Skillshare Account

2. Click “Teach” and "Create a Class" in the upper righthand corner. 


3. Click “Start a Class.”


4. To upload your class videos, go to the “Video Lessons” tab and click “Upload Videos” in the center of the page.


5. Select the video files you wish to upload (you can upload multiple videos at the same time). Make sure your video is either an .mp4, .mov, or, .avi when exporting your video files. Each video must also be under 2GB. To publish your class, the combined length of all your videos must total at least 10 minutes.

6. Once you select the file you wish to upload, you will see that your video is in the process of “Uploading.”

7. After the video is uploaded, you will see a “Video Processing” message. It typically takes approximately 30 minutes to process your videos. When an image from the video appears, you will know your video is fully processed, and your can write/edit your video lesson titles.

8. While your videos are uploading and processing, you can move to the next section “Class Info”.

9. Add your class title. 

10. Add your class description. Please note that you will not be able to publish your class without a class description. If you would like an image to appear in the class description, you can add one by selecting “Add Media” in the lower hand corner of the class description text box.


11. Next, add your class project (minimum of 100 characters). Similar to the class description, if you would like an image to appear in the class project section, you can add one by selecting “Add Media” in the lower right hand corner of the class project text box. To include files as part of your project (e.g. a PDF of a worksheet) you can add these files in the class project by selecting “Attach a File”.


12. In the category and sub-category section, choose the categories that most accurately apply to your class. This is an important step in helping students find your class so be sure to choose the correct category and sub-category. 

13. For “Class Type” you have two options - free or premium. Remember that free classes do not earn any royalties, but can help you build an audience quickly. If you select premium, make sure you have a verified PayPal account that can receive payment and that you have activated your PayPal account on Skillshare in your payment settings.


14. A class cover image is the first image people see when your video appears and can help your class look more polished. To change your class cover image, stay in the “Video Lessons” section and click image icon (see highlighted circle) on the top right corner of your first video lesson. Upload any image you’d like!


15. Congratulations! You’re ready to publish your first class! Click on the “Publish” button in the upper righthand corner of the class.


16.  Head to your profile and check out your newly published class!