Your Project Gallery

Your Project Gallery includes all of the projects students have uploaded in your class. Since the number of projects uploaded in your class impacts how highly it trends in our listings, it’s important to encourage students to start their projects early and update them over time. A great way to encourage students to share their work is to show that you’re actively reviewing projects and providing feedback. Students will find your individual feedback extremely valuable and inspiring. 

Leaving Great Feedback
While any positive feedback will demonstrate your involvement and make students feel seen, feedback that is also actionable will inspire students to keep creating and sharing. Here are some best practices for providing feedback that will help grow your following and your reputation as a great teacher on Skillshare. 

  • Be upbeat and encouraging
    One of the things that really makes Skillshare special, is the positive and supportive community. Be a part of that by always using a friendly and positive tone when providing feedback. This way, students will feel encouraged and appreciated for their work. Mention your favorite part of their project or just let them know that they’ve done a great job.

  • Provide constructive tips
    Upbeat encouragement is wonderful, but it doesn’t help a student know what, exactly, they can do next to level-up. Provide a specific tip for what could be tweaked or done a bit differently. Even better, explain how they can make the improvements you suggest.

  • Prompt students to keep iterating on their project
    Since projects on Skillshare are uploaded as a work-in-progress, inspire students to continue with their project by letting them know that you look forward to seeing their next iteration. You can model this behavior by sharing your own works-in-progress too!