Step-by-Step Guide to Updating Your Profile

1. Login to your Skillshare Account.

2. In the upper righthand corner, hover over the photo icon. Click “View Profile”.


3. Click “Edit Profile” in the upper righthand corner.


4. From there, you can begin to update your profile! Start in the “About Me” section. Introduce yourself and add any information you’d like your students to know about you. You can add images, videos and links by clicking on the icons under “Add Content”.


5. On the righthand side of the page, you will have the option to upload a profile image and add a headline. For the profile image, we suggest a clear headshot. For your headline, include a very brief description of your main area of expertise. For example, “Marketing Strategist” or “Graphic Designer”.  


6. Scroll down to the center of the page to add links to your social media profiles. This is an important step in boosting your Skillshare follower count. Anyone who follows you on another social media platform who is also on Skillshare will automatically be added to your Skillshare followers.



7. The “Teaching” section is where you can highlight the classes you are teaching on Skillshare. To add classes to this section, scroll down to the “Teaching Archive” section and drag the classes that you would like to have appear on your profile into the “Teaching” section. To re-arrange the order of your classes, simply drag and drop until the classes are in your desired order.


8. To add additional sections to your profile, select the gray “+” above “Add Sections”.


9. There are 2 types of sections you can add. Your “Content Section(s)” will largely be dependent on your area of expertise. For example, if you are an illustrator with an online shop of prints, create a section for your online shop as Mikey Burton has done. If you are a social media strategist and have published several articles on the topic, you could create a section to showcase these articles. Kate Bingaman Burt added a section to her profile that highlights books she has produced. To see a sampling of sections other teachers have included on their profiles, check out these profiles - Fraser Davidson, Tyson Wheatley, and Peggy Dean.


10.  In the “Projects Section”, you can share projects you have completed in your own classes and other teacher’s classes as well. Similar to the to the “Teaching Section”, to find your completed projects, scroll down to the “Projects Archive” and drag up the projects you would like to show on your profile into the new “Projects” section you have created. Drag and drop until the projects are in your desired order.


11. To re-arrange the order in which the sections appear, click on the up and down arrows on the righthand side of each section.


12.  If you wish to delete a section, click on the trash can icon on the righthand side of the section you would like to delete.


13. Once you are happy with your profile, scroll to the top of the page and select “Save and Exit”.


14. Admire your brand new profile!