Publishing Existing Video Content

If you’ve already created an online class, you’ve come to the right place! Teachers with existing video content are welcome to publish on Skillshare. Whether you host an online class on another platform or your own website, you can find an audience and grow your following on Skillshare.

 Optimize Your Content for Skillshare:

While you must have a minimum of 10 minutes of video content to publish, Skillshare classes typically range from 20-60 minutes of video content, broken into 2-5 minutes individual video lessons. If your class is longer than 2-3 hours, consider chopping it up into smaller pieces and posting each of them on Skillshare. Often times, you can use your ‘video units’ as classes themselves. An 8 hour class can be 8 classes on Skillshare, giving you the chance to earn more money for less work!

 Consider Your Publishing Schedule:

With the way our platform works, teachers are most successful when they release one new class every few weeks or once a month, rather than publishing many classes all at once. Each time you post a new class, all your followers are notified. To take full advantage of this feature, it's best to space out your classes so that you can build up your audience and maximize your minutes watched.

 Keep Merchandising in Mind:

With a community of 4M+ students worldwide, there are tons of ways to get discovered on Skillshare. Improve your chances of getting noticed by potential students by following our best practices for Class Merchandising and SEO to make sure that your class can be discovered by students both on Skillshare and off. Keep in mind that mentioning other platforms that you teach on can create confusion for students, so we recommend removing any reference to them in your videos or descriptions.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of a professional profile. Make sure to fill out your teacher bio to briefly reflect your background and credentials so students can understand why you’re teaching.  A clear and professional profile photo also goes a long way! Be sure to connect your Skillshare account to Facebook and Twitter to increase your followers.

When you’re ready to publish, head to to upload your video lessons. Follow our publishing checklist for required components and recommended best practices for student engagement.

 *Just to note: we do not allow content on Skillshare that is hosted for free anywhere else online, unless it is also listed as a free class on our platform as well. For example, if you posted free content on YouTube, you are not able to upload it on Skillshare unless it is also available for free. See our Class Guidelines here.