Groups Guidelines

What are Skillshare Groups?


Skillshare Groups are a place for Skillshare members to connect with each other from around the world to stay up to date on what’s happening in their field, get answers to burning questions, and build professional connections.


At Skillshare, we're extremely proud of our influential teachers and class catalog. We're also equally proud of the amazing learning community that has grown on this platform. Groups are a skill and interest based way to help foster closer connections between our community. Learn with others, whether that's through Q&A, sharing work, giving/receiving feedback, or just having discussions related to your interests.


Who can participate in Groups?


Members can join Groups and participate in group discussions.


How do I join a Group? 


Make sure that you are logged in to your Skillshare account. Then, head to the Skillshare home page and click “Discover Groups”, located to the right of Browse. You’ll see the names of all the Groups that are available to join. By hovering over each one, you can preview the Group’s content and click ‘Join’.


Groups you have joined will appear on the left sidebar. If a Group you’ve joined has had activity since the last time you visited, a small circular icon will appear next to the Group name. If activity has occurred in your Discussion thread, or a thread you are following, you’ll also receive a notification on the Skillshare homepage. 


Within Groups, you’ll see an area where you can start new discussions, as well as two tabs for "Community" and "My Posts" tabs under the name of the Groups you’ve joined. In both areas, you’ll have the option to like, follow or comment on existing discussions. The Community tab shows all discussion threads in reverse chronological order, including posts you’ve made to the Group. To see activity on your posts and posts you are following only, you can use the My Posts tab.


On the right hand side of the Groups page, you’ll see the Group’s title, description and most active members. To see all of a Group’s members, hover over a user to access the “See all members” button.

To leave a Group you’ve previously joined, hover over the ‘Joined’ button to locate the ‘Leave’ option.


Can I create a Group of my own?


At this time, only the Skillshare staff can create new Groups. All the Groups you currently see in the app were suggested to us by awesome community members like you.


Groups Guidelines


In addition to following all Community Guidelines, posts in Groups are subject to the following rules in order to keep the space helpful and welcoming to all members of Skillshare:


  • Teachers may only share their own classes in the Skillshare Teachers Group
  • Don’t use multiple Skillshare accounts to post in Groups
  • Don’t spam or post repetitive content
  • Keep criticism constructive and respectful
  • Keep the conversation on topic. Groups are most useful when the topics and comments are relevant to the Group theme.
  • Avoid starting multiple threads about the same topic
  • Avoid asking questions for the Skillshare team relating to payments, feedback, or technical issues


Please note that moderators may remove posts that do not follow these Guidelines, as well as archive or hide topics in Groups that are no longer relevant or timely.