Skillshare Groups Guidelines

Skillshare Groups are a place for Skillshare members to connect with each other from around the world to stay up to date on what’s happening in their field, get answers to burning questions, and build professional connections. In addition to following our Community Guidelines, here are some other basic rules to keep in mind when using Groups. 


How to use Groups:

  • Join Groups that relate to your career, hobbies, or passions!
  • Start “topics” within your Groups to ask questions, prompt a discussion around a certain theme, request feedback on a project or idea, or anything else!
  • Respond to topics created by others with your own answers, ideas or feedback.
  • Keep the conversation on topic. Groups are most useful when the topics and comments are relevant to the Group theme.
  • Be nice! Treat others with respect and generosity at all times.


How not to use Groups:

  • Don’t spam or post repetitive or unwelcome content that breaks our Community Guidelines.
  • Don’t use Groups as a place to promote your own products, services, or Skillshare classes.
  • Avoid asking questions for the Skillshare team relating to payments, feedback, or technical issues. Contact us here instead, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.
  • Mean, disrespectful or aggressive behavior within Groups is not tolerated.


How to report a violation in Groups:  

Help us keep Groups a healthy and safe space by letting us know when you see someone acting outside of the rules.

  • On iOS: Report a topic by tapping the ellipsis at the top right of the topic screen and selecting “Report.” Report an individual comment by pressing down on the comment row and selecting “Report.”
  • On Android: Head here to submit a report. Let us know the name of the violator and the Group, topic, and/or comment in question.


Groups, topics, or comments that are found to break any of our guidelines may be deleted and/or result in account suspension.

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