Skillshare 1-on-1 Sessions and Live Sessions Content Guidelines


Teachers may host group Live Sessions and private 1-on-1 Sessions on a broad range of topics, to work with students directly on deepening creative skills, collaborate in real time, share advice and feedback, and help students reach their creative goals.

In order to ensure these 1-on-1 and Live Sessions offer a safe, encouraging, educational space for our members, we expect all teachers and participants to abide by our Community Guidelines in creating listings for 1-on-1 Sessions and Live Sessions, and while attending the sessions. 

Categorize 1-on-1 Sessions for Skillshare

1-on-1 Sessions are hosted on Superpeer and are integrated into the Skillshare experience. In order to be visible on Skillshare, each 1-on-1 Session must have, at minimum, a Session Type, Primary expertise, and at least one Relevant discipline selected upon set up on Superpeer. You can read more about our new classification system for 1-on-1s in the article How do I categorize my 1-on-1 Sessions for Skillshare?

These settings must also be toggled off:

  • Hide service from your Superpeer profile page.
  • Only paid subscribers of your channel can book.

Classification does not apply to Live Sessions at this time.

Language Restrictions

At this time we are only accepting new 1-on-1 and Live Sessions hosted in English.

Banned Topics

We prohibit the following topics for 1-on-1 Sessions and Live Sessions on Skillshare:

  • Any session that promotes an illegal activity
  • Any session that provides advice or resources that should be obtained by a certified professional (e.g. medical, legal, accounting, or tax advice)
    • Exception: Skillshare permits 1-on-1 sessions concerning investment-related topics. But please note that Skillshare is not responsible for any of the legal requirements around disclosure or transparency that may accompany any such discussions. You therefore must clearly and obviously disclose to all potential 1-on-1 participants that the session is not intended to offer investment, tax, or financial planning advice. You must also follow all legal requirements that might apply, including any that require the disclosure of any registration with the SEC or state securities regulators.
  • Any session that involves live nudity or explicit content meant to be sexually gratifying
  • Any session promoting or recruiting for pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing campaigns, or other false earning scams 
  • Any session involving weapons, arms, and/or activities that can lead to physical harm (including self-defense or self-defense featuring weapons) 
  • Any session intended to support a political candidate, fund a political campaign, or engage in political advocacy, including with respect to political causes or organizations
  • Any session promoting disinformation or content that is deceptive or manipulative (e.g. conspiracy theories, pseudoscience)
  • Any session that promises unrealistic outcomes (e.g. financial guarantees, miracle cures)

The list above is non-exhaustive and may change from time-to-time. Teachers who create sessions on prohibited topics may have these listings removed, and risk having negative actions taken on their accounts, including account deactivation. 

Please note that our policies on 1-on-1 and Live Sessions differ from the Content & Topic Restrictions we enforce in Skillshare’s class catalog. This is because the purpose of 1-on-1 and Live Sessions are different and paid for separately from the curated catalog of classes that come with a Skillshare membership.

If you come across any Skillshare 1-on-1 Sessions or Live Sessions that you believe violate our Community Guidelines or the prohibited topics listed above, please reach out to our team at