How do I post and edit a project?

There are two ways to post projects on Skillshare! If you'd like a create a project for a specific class you are taking, head to the "Your Project" tab within the class.


You can also upload a project directly to your profile. Do this by clicking the "Post a Project" button on the top of your profile. Uploading your work from outside of Skillshare (i.e. for your job, for a client, or just for fun) on your profile is a great way to showcase your skills and get discovered on the platform! 


When uploading content to your project, you are able to select a Cover Image for your project by clicking "Upload Image". The cover image is the image that is displayed on your profile, and the ideal size for this is 690 x 388 pixels.

If you'd like to add images within the body of your project, click the "Image" button under "Add Content". Your in-project images should be 1000 x 690 pixels for them to display properly, and cannot exceed 2MB in size.


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