Tools and Settings

Your Referral Link

Wherever you promote your class — on social media, via email, on your blog, or elsewhere — you can use your referral link and earn $10 every time someone signs up. People who click your link and sign up won't be charged anything for their first month. Even if they opt to cancel their Skillshare Membership before they receive their first full charge a month later, you’ll still get your $10 bonus. More on how membership works, below.

Find your referral link:

On the left toolbar of your class:


At the bottom of the Promote section of your class creator:


In the pop-up box that appears when you click on the email share button on the bottom-right side of your class beneath the video playlist (click the link icon):


Your Free Access Link

Use a free access link to share your class with your network and they won’t have to sign up for a Skillshare Membership in order to watch. (They won’t need to enter any credit card information, either). You can create a free access link at the bottom of the Promote section of your class creator (note: the Promote section won’t appear until your class is live).

A free access link makes it really easy for your network to watch your class. Plus, when your friends, family and followers off of Skillshare take your class, leave positive reviews, and start projects, it builds social proof and credibility for your class, which means other students on Skillshare will be more likely to participate.

However, students that watch your class by using a free access link do not count toward your royalty payments and do not earn you the $10 teacher referral bonus (since these students aren’t signing up for a Skillshare Membership). However, if a student who clicks your free access link does decide to sign up for a Skillshare Membership within 14 days (through our first two weeks free promotion), you will indeed receive the $10 referral bonus.