Will Skillshare promote my class?

Skillshare promotes high-quality classes to its members in many different ways, from weekly email blasts to social media posts to banner features on Skillshare’s homepage. Our Curation team also designates outstanding classes as Staff Picks and selects high-quality classes to feature on our Browse pages. To learn more, refer to the article What is a Staff Pick?.

To ensure content remains fresh in our catalog, our platform search algorithm gives newer classes from the Skillshare community a slight preference. While optimizing your class title and description helps the right students discover your class when searching Skillshare's catalog, it’s still important to actively promote your class on your own channels, especially in the first few days that your class is on the platform, to help get as many eyes on it as possible. The more students engage in your class right away, the higher your class will rise in Skillshare’s search results, and the more students on Skillshare will discover it.