Class Guidelines

On Skillshare, we welcome classes across a wide range of categories, including Design, Photography, Business, and many more. Skillshare classes are educational, instructional, engaging and demonstrative. The goal of our community is knowledge expansion, and we get there by guiding our users to flex their creative and analytical muscles, engage in genuine interactions with the community and have a safe space to share their work. 


All classes should do the following:


Foster learning for the sake of learning. 


We support authentic, inspired learning; all classes on Skillshare are, first and foremost, educational. Classes help students to expand their knowledge, flex their creative muscles, and have genuine interactions in the community rather than promise a specific outcome.

The best classes on Skillshare are made with our audience in mind and do not mention other online educational platforms. All Skillshare classes must include a class project and meet our minimum standards for length, quality and educational value.

 We believe in learning by doing, and that’s why all Skillshare classes are project-based. Through a minimum of 10 minutes of video content, teachers show students how to complete a fun and engaging project that they can upload to the class project gallery for feedback. To ensure students have the best possible learning experience, we also require all classes to meet our minimum standards for video and audio quality and all other required elements outlined in our class publishing checklist and extended Class Guidelines. The best classes on Skillshare are made with our platform in mind.


Adhere to our Community Guidelines. 


We take the safety of our community seriously, which means all classes must meet our Community Guidelines. Teachers must be the primary content producer behind their classes, post legal content, and interact with students and members of our team with respect. Teachers may not publish classes into our Premium catalog that are available for free off of Skillshare (learn more here) and should upload no more than 1 class per week to get the best possible engagement.


We believe these guidelines allow us to foster a creative, collaborative, and genuine community for sharing and learning.


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