Choosing Your Class Topic

On Skillshare, you can teach any topic you’re passionate about. Our classes encompass a wide range of categories, and our students are always eager to learn from new teachers who bring a unique style and perspective - that’s you! To ensure students are excited to watch and participate in your class, it’s important to choose a specific, project-based topic that you’re confident sharing.

Here are the two best practices to keep in mind when deciding what to teach:

  • Get specific

It's best to keep your class focused on a specific subject that you know well and are confident sharing. Don’t try to cover too much. A lightweight class that walks through a quick project you're comfortable with will resonate more with Skillshare students looking for an opportunity to flex their creative muscles. Here is a great example: Mary Kate McDevitt focuses her hand-lettering class specifically on vintage-style lettering. Specialized classes like this one tend to be the most popular on Skillshare because they appeal directly to a certain set of students interested in the particular topic or style. Keeping your topic focused on a specific topic or technique will also help to set it apart from other classes in your category.

  • Think about what you want students to create and share

All classes on Skillshare are project-based - they give students the chance to learn new skills by creating something awesome to share with the class community. The more fun and engaging your class project, the more excited students will be to dive in and get started. Here's a great example: in Creating and Applying Textures: Design a Pennant, Jon Brommet teaches students how to create textures in Adobe Illustrator by making a custom pennant design for their own city. Jon chose this class topic by thinking first about a fun project that he knew students would be excited to do and then thinking about what skills he'd need to teach so they could successfully do it. 

Need some help?

If you're thinking of teaching a creative class, check out this interactive guide for a comprehensive list of popular as well as up and coming topics! For tips on choosing a great class topic from some of our top teachers on the platform, check out this articleMoreover, try one of these creative strategies that will help you brainstorm topic ideas.


Once you've decided on your class topic, fill in your Class Description in the Class Overview section of your class draft. Your class description should give students a quick understanding of what your class will cover. Feel free to come back and polish it once you've recorded your video lessons and are ready to publish. Need help with your class topic? Email your ideas to or share them with our teacher community in the Skillshare Teacher Center



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