Drafting Your Class Outline

Outlining your class is a great way to ensure your video lessons are well-organized and engaging. The outlining process can also help you think through the nuts and bolts of class production. Use our outline template to get started. 

The most popular classes on Skillshare include 20-60 minutes of total video content, broken down into a series of short 2-5 minute videos. As a first step, start thinking about how you can break up your class into short sections and what filming style might work best for your content. 

Here are some video formats to consider (many teachers use a combination of these):

Next, create a bullet list of sections and sketch out your main talking points for each. Some teachers prefer to write out a full script for each video. Unless you’re a good actor, reading from a script may feel rote or robotic. Often teachers will create bullet points for each section and will talk through it organically, making sure they hit on each point. Whichever method you choose, follow these best practices to ensure your video lessons are organized and engaging (and remember to consult our quality guidelines carefully as you work).

Once you’ve drafted your outline, feel free to email it to our Teacher Support team at teach@skillshare.com.