Cover Image

Together with your class title, your cover image should provide a clear depiction of your class topic. Choose a high-quality, visually-compelling image that will help your class stand out. This image will be the thumbnail that appears in search results and on your teacher profile. Remember, it’s likely that students will judge your “book” by its cover so be sure to give your cover image some thought.

Here are some class cover image best practices:

  • Use 1280x720 (a 16:9 ratio) as your image size
    These dimensions will prevent your class cover from appearing cropped or stretched.
  • Avoid low-resolution images and obvious stock photos
    Choose a high-quality, professional image that will help your class stand out in our listings. Stock photos can work too, if they’re high resolution and visually compelling. 
  • Make sure the image looks good, small 
    We generally recommend against using text on cover images, but if you do, it should be legible when viewed as a thumbnail. We suggest avoiding too many icons or small details, too —keep it simple!
  • Be mindful of margins
    Avoid placing text or important information too close to the edges or in the upper left corner (if you're hoping for that Staff Pick badge). 
  • Only choose images you have the right to use
    The photograph, artwork, or other image(s) in your class cover must be designated for commercial use.

Cover Image Resources

If you’re not an artist or designer, you may be wondering how you can create an engaging, eye-catching class cover image. There are a variety of tools that make it easy to create a class cover image without design know-how! 

  • Canva and Snappa
    Online design platforms that offer free YouTube thumbnail layouts. You can drag and drop photos, add text and graphics, and download the image for commercial use.
  • Adobe Spark
    Available with an Adobe subscription, Spark has a YouTube thumbnail feature that allows you to easily pick a theme, add images, and build a class cover. Youtube thumbnail templates are the same size as Skillshare class covers. 
  • Find free, high-quality stock photos available for commercial use