How do I access the Teacher Hub?

The Teacher Hub is a centralized place for teachers to quickly access all of the tools, data, and resources related to their teaching on Skillshare on a single screen. 

To access the Teacher Hub:

  1. Log in to your Skillshare teacher account using your credentials.
  2. Click Teach in the top navigation bar. You’ll be immediately redirected to the Teacher Hub.

You can also access the Teacher Hub by navigating to

Right now, the Teacher Hub offers immediate access to the most common teacher tools you need to view and manage your classes, stats, and student engagement on Skillshare, such as: 

  • Classes You're Teaching: See all of your published, draft, and closed classes on one page.
  • Teacher Stats: A dashboard that tracks performance and earnings across all of your classes. Read Where can I find information on my class performance and earnings? to learn more.
  • Referral Stats: A dashboard that tracks earnings and referral history for teacher referrals. Read Where can I find information on my class performance and earnings? to learn more.
  • Post to all Followers: A shortcut to posting a discussion announcement to members that follow your Skillshare profile. 
  • Settings: Make adjustments to your teacher profile, language, membership, or payment settings.

From the Teacher Hub you can also access: 

  • Quick links to resources to support you with your teaching, such as our teacher training class, Teach on Skillshare: Plan, Publish, and Promote an Engaging Class, and key Help Center articles.
  • Quick links to the latest news and announcements for teachers.
  • A customized experience depending on whether you are a brand-new teacher or already teaching on Skillshare.
You must have (or have had) a published class on Skillshare or be approved to teach through our teacher application process to access the Teacher Hub. If you did not go through our teacher application process, you’ll need to agree to Skillshare’s Teacher Rules and Requirements (implemented in May 2023) when accessing the Teacher Hub for the first time.
The Teacher Hub is currently available on desktop and mobile web only.

To learn more about the Teacher Hub and our plans to build new features in the coming months, read our announcement Introducing the Teacher Hub (October 2023).