Posting a Tutorial

Tutorials are written, step-by-step guides that walk students through a specific technique, project, or concept. Writing a tutorial, compared to creating a class, takes a fraction of the time to produce and is a great way to engage your followers by giving them additional content to enjoy. tutorials are also available for free to anyone on Skillshare, including those without a Premium Membership, so they are also a great way to help new students discover your content.

Here are the types of tutorials we recommend:

  • Step-by-Step Tutorials

Walk students through a step-by-step process to create or achieve something. Take students through each step of the process with detailed instructions along the way.

  • Conceptual Tutorials

Provide an overview of a concept or theory. These types of tutorials don’t require a step-by-step, but instead help students understand certain concepts that will help them improve their skills. 

Follow these best practices to write an engaging tutorial:

  • Keep it specific

The best tutorials are specialized and teach students something specific, so try to focus your tutorial as much as possible. A deep dive on a single topic is more engaging than scratching the surface of four or five different ones. In terms of length, our most successful tutorials are anywhere between 500 to 1,000 words.  

  • Fill in the gaps. 

The goal of your tutorial is to give readers all the steps they need to successfully do or understand something new. As you write your tutorial steps, be sure to provide all necessary instructions, and share your own specific techniques and unique approach.

  • Add a catchy title using keywords

Keep your tutorial title fun and concise. The title should include keywords and descriptive terms to accurately reflect your tutorial topic, which will help your tutorial appear in student searches. Other tips: avoid using the word “tutorial” in your title and, if applicable, highlight a specific benefit of your tutorial, For example, if your tutorial can be completed in under an hour, or breaks a complex process into 5 simple steps, be sure to emphasize the added advantage in your title.

  • Add links to reference materials

We recommend adding reference links to support your statements. You can also link back to your Skillshare class to encourage students to learn more.

  • Include images to support your instructions

We recommend adding images and GIFs to help students understand your written content more clearly.

Check out some of our favorite tutorials:

Ready to get started? Create your tutorial here (note that tutorials must adhere to our Class Guidelines 1 and 3).

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