Refer A Friend To Teach: Give $50, Get $50

Know someone that would make a great teacher? Simply give us their info, and if they teach a class within 30 days, they'll get a $50 bonus. Even better, we'll send you a $50 digital gift card, or if you are a teacher already, you'll see $50 in your next Skillshare payout!


How it works: 


  1. Submit your friend's name and email here
  2. We'll follow up and reach out to work with your friend to work with them 1:1 to create their first class.
  3. When they publish their class you'll get $50. 


  • Promotion for a limited time only and terms are subject to change.
  • The bonus is determined by the time you submit their contact information here. The amounts above reflect current bonus availability and may have been different at the time of your application.
  • Bonuses and gift cards will be sent on the 16th of every month for applicants who qualify within the month prior. To ensure timely payout, new teacher’s profile must have a valid Paypal address.
  • For new teachers who are referred, please note that this promotion cannot be combined with any additional promotions, including the new teacher promotion. However, once you have a class on Skillshare, you are eligible to bonuses for up to 10 referrals.
  • To qualify, new teachers must meet Skillshare's class guidelines, make a minimum of 10 premium students and 1 teacher referral within the first 30 days. Promotion not valid for referrals that are repeat teachers, Skillshare produced and/or subsidized classes.