Your Discussion Board

The Discussion Board in each of your classes is a place where students can ask questions, chat with each other, and share tips and resources. The more students collaborate with one another, the more enriching their class experience becomes. You can use this board to spark great community interactions with discussion questions or prompts, by calling out student projects you love, by casually chatting with your students, or by posting your own tips or resources. 

Here are a few specific tips for using your Community section: 

  • Post a welcome message
    After publishing your class, post a “welcome” message to thank students for joining and to let them know that you’re available to answer questions that come up along the way. Here is a great example. 
  • Make announcements and share resources
    Publish a new class? Find a great article that’s relevant to your community? Let students know! Use the “email all students” button to trigger an email notification with your post.

  • Check in regularly to answer questions
    Check in every 1-2 days to reply to unanswered questions with your helpful tips and insights.