How Skillshare Classes Work

Skillshare classes are designed for the best online learning experience. Students sign up for a Premium Membership for access to all classes across a wide range of categories. They watch classes at their own pace, create projects to practice what they’ve learned, and interact with each other from all around the globe. As a teacher, you get to facilitate this unique learning experience, and that all starts with understanding the 3 pillars of Skillshare’s pedagogy:  

1. Self-Paced, Digestible Learning 

In today's fast-paced digital world, bite-sized content is proven to be easiest for students to digest, understand, and remember. Skillshare classes, on average, include 20-60 minutes of pre-recorded video content broken down in a series of short 2-5 minute videos. Rather than teaching a broad, sweeping skill set, your class should hone in on one specific project, concept or skill. This digestible format allows for focused and engaged learning - anytime, anywhere. Learn how to get started on your class planning with our step-by-step guide.

2. Project-Based Learning

All classes on Skillshare include a fun, quick project that helps students practice what you’re teaching and share their process with the class community to get feedback, which leads to a more effective and lasting learning experience. For many teachers, seeing their students' projects come to life is one of the most rewarding parts of teaching. 

3. Community-Based Learning  

Students on Skillshare interact with each other by answering questions, sharing tips and resources, and providing each other with feedback and encouragement. Often times, students learn just as much from one another as they learn from you. You'll facilitate this by providing as many opportunities for collaboration as possible.

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Follow our four-step process for creating a Skillshare class and you’ll be hitting publish in no time!

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