How Skillshare Classes Work

Skillshare classes are authentic, actionable, and designed to help students bring what they learn into the real world. Focusing on in-demand creative and entrepreneurial skills, popular topics include: design, illustration, writing, photography, productivity, freelancing, and much more.


On Skillshare, students watch classes at their own pace, create projects to practice what they’ve learned, and interact with each other from all around the world. As a teacher, you get to facilitate this unique learning experience, and that all starts with understanding the 3 pillars of Skillshare’s pedagogy. 


Focused and Digestible 

Skillshare classes, on average, include 20-60 minutes of pre-recorded video content broken down into a series of short 2-5 minute videos. Rather than teaching a broad, sweeping skill set, the most successful classes hone in on one specific project, concept, or skill. This succinct and digestible format allows for focused and engaged learning.



All classes on Skillshare include a fun project that helps students practice and share with the class community. Creating and sharing projects, and giving and receiving feedback, are the heart and soul of engaged learning. For many students, receiving peer and teacher feedback is their favorite part of Skillshare life. And for many teachers, seeing their students' work is one of the most rewarding parts of teaching.


Personal, Honest, and Human 

Skillshare is different from other online communities. Here, open, personal, real connection makes everyone feel included and welcome, and makes sharing feel safe. We work hard to cultivate trust in our community and so do all of our teachers! It is reflected in everything we do: from our class guidelines to our brand identity. And it should be reflected in everything you do, too: from the classes you make to the way you communicate with your students.