Class Packaging Matters

In this final phase of preparing to publish (you’re so close!) you’ll wrap that brand new class in a fancy bow.

Merchandising is class packaging. This includes your class title, lesson titles, cover image, project description, categories, and tags — information publicly visible to students and used by search engines to surface your class. Your Skillshare profile is part of your class merchandising too, since it contains information about you and your experience, and establishes your credibility as a teacher.

In the scheme of things, merchandising is a small part of class production. But it has an outsize impact on class performance. A well-merchandised class: 

  • Has better visibility in search results 
  • Attracts more students to click and watch 
  • Sets clear expectations 
  • Builds the teacher’s brand 

“If you think of merchandising like a retail store where your Skillshare profile is the store and classes are your products, then elements such as a compelling cover image, clear class title, and well-written class description can make a huge difference in making sure students find and take your class.” - Audrey Ko, Illustration Teacher