Getting Started on Class Marketing

Congrats! You’ve just published your first class to Skillshare.

Top teachers on Skillshare go on to build large student followings and earn steady income through teaching. To get started marketing your class, use our marketing template to make a plan and get started! In this section of the Handbook, we’ll give you all the tips and tools you need to start your own journey towards Skillshare success.

Skillshare teachers earn money in two ways: Premium referrals ($10 for every new Premium member you refer to Skillshare) and royalty payments based on the number of minutes watched in your classes each month. Learn more about how teacher payments work here.

The absolute best way to start earning money on Skillshare is to market your class to your friends, family and followers.

Already have a few classes on Skillshare? Head here for marketing tips for multi-class teachers.

Who should market their class?

Every teacher on Skillshare should invite their friends, family, colleagues, and social media followers to take their class! Your goal is to build credibility for yourself as a quality teacher on Skillshare. Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself someone with a “network” — referring just a handful of friends into your class will get it well on its way to appearing on Skillshare’s Trending page where it can be discovered by 3M+ students already learning on Skillshare. And if 10 of your friends sign up for Skillshare Premium Membership, that’s an extra $100 in your next payment!  

Why market your class?

Market your class to earn more money! Here’s how:

  • Premium Referrals. You earn $10 for every person who signs up for Skillshare Premium Membership through your class referral link. The more you share your referral link, the more revenue you’ll earn each month.
  • Royalties. Each month, you earn revenue for the minutes watched in your classes. The more students that you market to, the more students you'll have watching your class!

Still unsure about marketing? Check out this 2-minute read on why marketing your class is so important to your success as a teacher. A few small steps can put you on the path towards earning thousands per month! 

Ready to get started? Read on to learn how to get students watching your new class, and be sure to join our free class on marketing, where you can connect with our team and other awesome teachers for extra tips and tricks. 

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