Getting the Word Out

However you choose to direct people to your class (with your free or referral access links), marketing to your own community is crucial for your success on Skillshare.

Setting Goals
The first few days that your class is on the platform are key! Your goal is to get your class trending so it can be discovered by the millions of students already learning on Skillshare. Whether or not your class trends depends on how quickly your class gains traction. (Learn more about how classes trend on Skillshare, below).

Here are three helpful benchmarks to focus on as you work to build momentum for your class:

  • Get 25 students
  • Make at least 10 Premium referrals
  • Get 5 or more positive reviews

Using Your Marketing Channels
Are you worried that you don’t have much of an online following? Don’t be! Many of our most successful teachers, like Jake Bartlett, had no online presence when they started teaching on Skillshare. In fact, it was teaching on Skillshare that sparked the large followings those teachers have today! Read below for the five steps we recommend taking to successfully market your class as a first-time teacher without an online presence. (Note: If you do have an online presence, you’re in great shape! But keep reading — these tips will work well for you, too.)

  • Connect your Skillshare profile to your Facebook and Twitter profiles.
    Your followers on Facebook and Twitter who are Skillshare members will automatically become your followers on Skillshare once you
    connect your profile. Your followers will be notified by email when your class goes live!

  • Email your friends, family, and colleagues with these templates.
    Ask your closest community to support you using your referral link. Be honest and transparent that their support will go a long way towards helping you establish credibility and will kickstart your success as a teacher. When sharing your referral link, be sure to tell your friends that they'll get their first month of Skillshare Membership for free

  • Use your social media channels to promote your class.
    Announce your new class launch on all of your social media channels — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, TikTok, etc. — using your referral link. Try posting a teaser video or cool pre-launch announcement image. The more places you share your class, the better (regardless of how few connections you have on these platforms). Include an engaging image in your post or even one of your class videos. Follow up with another post a few days after your launch to remind your followers to check out your class.

  • Permanently feature your referral link on your website, blog, or anywhere else you live online.
    This is one of the easiest ways to continually attract new students, forever. Check out five other ways to permanently feature your class here.

  • Reach out to blogs, influencers, and organizations who might be interested in featuring your class.
    Perhaps your friends don’t share your passion. Find people who do! Do some research to identify 5-10 blogs, organizations, or individuals with a strong social presence who you think might be interested in sharing your class with their own community. For example, illustrator and Skillshare teacher Andrew Fairclough convinced an illustration agency that he had previously worked with to
    feature his design class to their community. There is an editable email template for reaching out to blogs and influencers here.

  • If you have one, leverage your email newsletter.
    One of the best ways to increase your referrals is by creating an email newsletter list and emailing your subscribers directly when you publish a new class. This is a way to capture connections that may not already be Skillshare students. Direct messaging paired with a simple call to action (i.e. “Take my Skillshare class for free through this special offer!”) has helped a lot of teachers take their referrals to the next level.  

Additional Marketing Ideas from Successful Teachers

Looking for more ways to market your class and grow your following? Our most successful teachers use many different tactics to get the word out about their classes. Here are some ideas...

  1. Share a student project on your social media channels, or celebrate when your class starts trending or reaches certain student milestones like 500 or 1,000 students.

  2. Post a free video lesson to Youtube. Optimize for search and discovery by including key search words in the video title. And be sure to link back to your Skillshare channel with your referral link.

  3. Put your class referral link in your email signature. This way, anyone you communicate with via email will have a chance to check out your Skillshare classes.

  4. Share your class with your LinkedIn connections by exporting your contacts and sending a personalized email blast to all relevant connections.

  5. Have an Etsy shop? Follow these tips for cross-promoting on Etsy.