Teaching with Confidence

When you hear the word “production” you probably think of equipment: cameras, microphones, lights, etc. But before you get into those details, we want to make something clear: the most important part of producing a great class is teaching with confidence. Having solid equipment is important, but ultimately the thing that matters most is you: the teacher.

Our most successful teachers are clear, confident, and relaxed in front of the camera. Don't be afraid to smile, speak casually, and show your personality! Students love seeing a teacher have fun — there's no need for your class to feel formal. As long as you follow our pedagogical and quality best practices there’s plenty of room for style.

Appearing comfortable may not come easily and that’s okay. Here are some tried and true tips and tricks for bringing a comfortable vibe to your class. 

  • Use your hands as you would when talking to a friend. Think of it as a conversation rather than a lecture. 
  • Look directly into the camera as you would if you were speaking to a friend. Better yet, imagine you are speaking to someone specific that you know would enjoy learning what you have to teach. 
  • Speak clearly and naturally. Keep your pace moderate and allow your tone to go up and down. Don’t be afraid to show enthusiasm and excitement! 
  • Avoid distracting “ums” and “ahs.” These often sneak in inadvertently, so just do a quick retake if you notice them, or edit them out later. 
  • Continually refer back to your outline to ensure you’re sticking to talking points rather than rambling or getting off-track. 
  • Don’t forget to smile! Smiling is one of the easiest and fastest ways to set a friendly, relaxed, and comfortable tone for your class. 

Keep this in mind as you film and you can go far on Skillshare!