Editing Your Class

Editing your class video footage is straightforward, provided you have the right tools. Most computers have built-in, user-friendly editing software. If yours doesn’t or you’re looking for some guidance, here is a list of our favorite free and low-cost tools. 

Easy-To-Use Video Editing Software 



Editing Basics

Check out this video for some quick editing tips: Editing 101 with Vimeo.

Four Easy Steps

  1. Transfer your footage
    • Use a USB cable or memory card reader.
  2. Import your footage
    • Once your footage is transferred to your computer, open your editing software and import all your raw video footage.
  3. Cut + edit your footage
    • Drag footage to your timeline and cut out “ums” and any bad takes. Don’t forget to save frequently!
  4. Export and publish
    • Skillshare’s video player requires HD videos. Find the export menu in your editing software and select HD 1080 or 720. See your recommended settings here. 

Additional Resources

Here are some software-specific resources to get you started.