Editing Your Class

Editing Your Class Video Footage

Editing your class video footage is an easy task when you’re equipped with the right tools and tips! What’s more? Most computers have built-in editing softwares that are really easy to use. Find a few of our favorite editing softwares below, along with resources and tutorials to help you get started.

Easy-To-Use Video Editing Software 




Editing Basics

Check out these videos for some quick editing 101.



Four Easy Steps

  1. Transfer Your Footage

Transfer your footage from your recording device using a USB cable or memory card reader.

  1. Import Your Footage

Once your footage is transferred to your computer, open your editing software and import all your raw video footage.

  1. Cut + Edit Your Video Footage

Drag footage to your timeline and cut out “ums” and any bad takes. Don’t forget to save frequently!

  1. Export and Publish

Skillshare’s video player requires HD videos. Find the export menu in your editing software and select HD 1080 or 720. See your recommended settings here.


Additional Resources

Find here a list of software-specific resources to help get you started.

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