How to Build Your Following

You’ve successfully marketed your first class! What comes next?

At Skillshare, it’s possible to teach thousands - even tens of thousands - of students around the world and turn teaching into a substantial part of your monthly income. Top teachers on the platform have grown large student followings and see returns of over $100/hour from teaching regularly, giving them the flexibility and freedom to pursue the careers and projects they love. Check out a few of their stories:

Here are the three steps to building a large following and earning steady revenue on Skillshare:

1. Market your first class to your own network. It’s the absolute best way to build credibility and kickstart your success on the platform. When your friends, family and social followers engage in your class, it helps it rise on the Trending page and get discovered by more students.

2. Keep teaching to build your channel. Since you’re paid based on the number of minutes watched in your classes each month, the best way to earn a consistent revenue is to give your followers new classes to watch. Learn how to choose your next class topic here.

3. Keep marketing. Each new class you publish is an opportunity to market to your network and refer more people to Skillshare, upping your teacher referrals ($10 for each student you refer) and your royalties. Read how top teacher Teela Cunningham launches a marketing campaign for each new class she publishes here. The best part? Once you’ve built a substantial teacher “channel” with three or more classes and 1,000+ followers, it becomes easier and easier to encourage external communities to sign up for Premium to take your classes. Imagine how much simpler it is to convince a blog or organization to promote your set of five classes to their audience, all with positive reviews and awesome student projects, versus just one class that has yet to gain traction. The more you establish yourself on the Skillshare platform, the easier marketing becomes.

Track the growth of your following by using your Teacher Stats dashboard. You can find your Teacher Stats under the "Teach” menu located in the top-right. From this dashboard, you can track the number of new followers you gain during any day, week, or month. We believe that data is a powerful tool that can help you better plan your publishing and marketing efforts. Seeing where you have spikes and dips in your following helps you identify patterns. And when you dig into what is happening on your Skillshare Channel, you can create content that best suits your followers and helps you capture new ones.

Find more information on how top teachers have turned Skillshare into a steady source of income through teaching again and again:

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