Returning Teachers: How to Market Your Channel

The best way to build your following and earn steady revenue on Skillshare is to publish new classes on a regular basis. Each new you class you publish is an opportunity to engage more students and increase your earnings! A new class is also a great opportunity to market to your network and refer more people to Skillshare, upping your teacher referrals ($10 for each student you refer). Once you have a few classes on Skillshare, you don’t have to wait until you’ve published a new class to market - our top-referring teachers are continuously marketing their Skillshare channel to their networks to earn steady referrals every single month.

Here are 6 marketing tips for teachers with multiple classes on Skillshare:

1. Market each new class you publish to your friends, family, and followers on social media. Just like with your first class, encouraging your network to watch your newest class is a great tactic. When you share your new class, be sure to mention to your community that they’ll get access to all your classes on Skillshare when they sign up for Premium Membership starting with a two-month free trial. 

2. Ask your network to “follow” you on Skillshare in between publish dates. Even when you don’t have a new class to share with your community, encouraging your network to take the simple action of following you on Skillshare (by clicking the blue “Follow” button on your profile) can go a long way in boosting your revenue. All of your followers will be notified via email whenever you publish your next class. Use your channel referral link (which takes students directly to your profile page) located on the Premium Referrals page within your Profile Settings so that you receive the $10 referral bonus for each of your friends who follows you and then upgrades to Premium Membership within 30 days.


3. Market your entire channel of classes in between publish dates. As mentioned above, once you have multiple classes on Skillshare, we encourage you to consistently remind your community that they can get access to all of your classes starting with a two-month free trial. Check out how Teela Cunningham marketed her channel on her blog without even publishing a new class, resulting in a huge spike in referrals. In her blog post, Teela did a great job of emphasizing the value of signing up for Premium Membership to access all 8 of her classes. Use your channel referral link located on the Premium Referrals page within your Profile Settings. 

4. Grow your social media channels. In order to maximize the amount of traffic you're able to drive to your classes, consider putting in some time to build and nurture a community off of Skillshare. 

5. Grow an email list. We’ve found that email is one of the most effective channels for driving potential students to your classes. Increase your referrals and minutes watched each month by creating an email newsletter and emailing your subscribers directly each time you publish a new class (or in between publish dates as mentioned in #2 and #3). Direct messaging paired with a simple call to action in your email (i.e. “Take all my classes through a free trial of Premium Membership!”) has allowed a lot of teachers to take their referrals to a whole new level. Head here to learn how to start an email newsletter following.

6. Permanently feature your channel on your website, blog, or anywhere else you live online. Adding your channel referral link (found on the Premium Referrals page within your Profile Settings) to your website is one of the easiest ways to continually drive new students, forever. Check out how teacher Ria Sharon features her channel on her website here (you'll notice how the "Classes" option at the top of her site takes potential students directly to her Skillshare channel. You could also opt to highlight each one of your classes individually on your website using each one of your individual class referral links, as Jake Bartlett does here, and Cathy Wu does here.

For more tips, check out this article on how our top-earning teachers market their classes, and jump to the next section for more creative ideas! 


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