What are Skillshare's minimum educational standards?

In order to ensure that the student experience on Skillshare remains focused on learning and applying new skills towards tangible goals, classes on Skillshare are required to meet our minimum standards for educational quality. Classes that do not meet these standards may be removed.

Our minimum educational standards are as follows:

  • Classes must include physical or digital demonstrations of techniques covered in the class performed or narrated by the teacher.
  • Digital demonstrations should focus on the skills required to complete the specific class project with specific tips, insights and best practices offered by the teacher.
  • Classes may not consist simply of a walkthrough or review of a website or tool. 
  • The goal of all classes on Skillshare should be for the students to gain knowledge rather than monetary reward.
  • Classes that show students how to resell existing products or services (such as drop-shipping or multi-level marketing) are not allowed.
  • Classes whose primary goal is to describe tactics, tips or sources for gaining followers or ranking higher on online platforms are not allowed.
  • Classes must be produced by the teacher, rather than pulled from other sites or Google searches.
  • Classes cannot simply consist of a summary of previously existing content. Classes may not draw from external materials that did not originate with the teacher for a significant portion of the class. 
  • Classes must include instructional audio or on-screen text.
  • Classes should be based upon a lesson plan or course outline.
  • All video lessons must be unique. Teachers are not allowed to post the same content more than once.
  • Classes must be honest and clearly presented. Classes should not make insubstantial claims or offer guarantees for students.

In addition to thorough reviews by our team of moderators, reports from our community may be taken into account when determining whether or not a class meets our minimum educational standards. 

 To review Skillshare's Community Guidelines, click here.

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