What are Skillshare's minimum educational standards?

Classes on Skillshare are required to meet our minimum standards for educational quality. These standards include:


  • Classes must include physical or digital demonstrations of techniques covered in the class performed or narrated by the teacher.
  • Classes cannot be overly focused on monetary rewards or feature “get rich quick” schemes. Classes offering how-to’s on re-selling existing products, drop-shipping, or multi-level marketing are not allowed. Classes whose primary goal is to describe tactics, tips or sources for making money, gaining followers, or ranking higher on online platforms with minimal effort or through indirect or unethical means will be removed from Skillshare.
  • Classes must be produced by the teacher, rather than pulled from other sites or Google searches. Classes cannot simply consist of a summary of previously existing content.
  • Projects must include clear instructions and a unique assignment for students that will enable them to apply the lessons learned in class.
  • All video lessons must be unique. Teachers are not allowed to post the same content more than once.
  • Classes must provide students with sufficient information to adequately complete the class project.
  • Classes must be honest and clearly presented. Classes can’t mislead people or misrepresent claims, make insubstantial claims or offer guarantees for students.


To review Skillshare's Community Guidelines, click here.

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