Hosting Best Practices

Using Video Conferencing

When it’s time to log on for your 1-on-1 Session, follow the link from your email, which will open in your web browser and won’t require you to download an app. You can open the link through your computer, phone or tablet. Be sure to click Allow when prompted to give access to your microphone and camera. If you’re planning to use multiple cameras (e.g. to have both a talking-head and overhead angle), we recommend testing out your setup in advance.

Once your first session is booked, you can open the video conferencing link at any time ahead of the session to try things out.

Recording Your 1-on-1 Sessions’s video conferencing allows recording. If you plan to record a 1-on-1 Session so that your participant can review it again afterwards, you’ll need to receive permission from them. You can ask permission before you start recording, and then once you’ve begun recording, please orally acknowledge that you received that permission. This recording should only be shared with the participant who attended the 1-on-1 Session. It may not be shared with anyone else and may not be used for any other purpose without Skillshare’s prior written consent and the consent of the participant(s) who attended that 1-on-1 Session.