Hosting Best Practices

Using Superpeer Video Conferencing

When it’s time to log on for your 1-on-1 Session, follow the link from your confirmation email. The session will open in your web browser and won’t require you to download an app. You can open the link through your computer, phone or tablet. We recommend using Google Chrome for the best experience on Superpeer.

If you don't want to use Superpeer's video conferencing tool, you can integrate your Zoom account into Superpeer and use that for sessions. To use Zoom for 1-on-1 Sessions on Superpeer, navigate to Account > Settings in your Superpeer account, and then click the Integrations tab. 

We recommend that you test out video conferencing prior to your first session. Advance testing is especially important if you’re planning to use multiple cameras (e.g. to have both a talking-head and overhead angle).

Screen Share Permissions

It is possible to set screen share permissions after you join your 1-on-1 session or stream, but we recommend setting them up beforehand to avoid disruptions. Refer to How can I set permissions for screen sharing? in the Superpeer Help Center for details. 

Recording Your 1-on-1 Sessions

Recording calls is not available through Superpeer’s video conferencing tool at this time.