Manage 1-on-1 Session Bookings

Learn the basics of managing bookings, calendars, and payments in

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Manage Your Availability

Once you’ve set up your profile and your 1-on-1 Sessions, you’ll have the option to adjust availability, as well as link external calendars.

Automated Emails and Reminders

Each time a participant books a new session with you from your profile, they will receive a number of automated emails:

  • A confirmation email that includes the video conferencing link that you’ll use to join the call on the day of the session, as well as the participant’s responses to the questions you asked in the registration flow. This email is sent to you as well as the participant.
  • Two reminder emails, sent 24 hours and 1 hour in advance of the session.
  • A post-session email with a link to a brief survey.

Skillshare sets these emails up for you in the Workflows section of your account. Please take care not to make any direct changes to these workflows, as they require a specific setup in order to function properly.

Since the 24- and 1-hour reminder emails are only sent to the participant, we recommend double checking that your sessions are being successfully added to your own calendar and that your calendar notifications are turned on to remind you of upcoming events.

Receive Payments through Stripe

Each time a student registers a 1-on-1 Session with you, you will be paid directly to your bank account through’s Stripe integration. Your payment includes revenue from any confirmed sessions booked that day, paid in one sum. You’ll need to connect your account to Stripe during onboarding so you can receive payment — we’ll send instructions once you’ve been invited to host.

  • Stripe is not currently supported in all countries. If your country is not on Stripe's list of supported countries, you cannot host 1-on-1 Sessions at this time. We’ll be sure to notify the teacher community when we transition 1-on-1 Session payments to Tipalti in the future.
  • Because Skillshare is not involved in the transaction during this beta phase and payouts are handled through Stripe (separate from your Skillshare teacher payments through Tipalti), you’ll be responsible for any tax implications. Please consult with your accountant on any tax questions you may have.
  • When you first link Stripe to your event on, the default currency will be whatever currency is associated with the bank account you linked to Stripe. We recommend changing your session pricing to USD for consistency if the default is set to a different currency.

Bookings Made Without Payment

If a user starts the process of signing up for a session with you but then abandons the flow before adding their payment info, they will receive an automated email from encouraging them to complete the payment in order to confirm their booking.

As the teacher, you will also get notified of these sessions where a user has selected a time but has not made payment, and they will appear in your dashboard in the Bookings section with a label that says Payment Pending. Disregard these sessions because they are not considered confirmed until the payment has been completed. If you find that they are cluttering up your Bookings page, feel free to “reject” them, just know that this means the user won’t be able to finish adding their payment info via the email reminder that was sent to them. They will need to start the booking process over when they’re ready.

Add New Session Types

If you decide that you’d like to offer another type of 1-on-1 Session, please notify us as soon as you’ve added the new event to your account so we can set up the automated workflows on our end.