Kickstart Your Creative Career in 2017: FAQs

What if I miss a deadline?

No problem - you can catch up to the next milestone and still be eligible to complete the challenge if you do the following by February 15th at 11:59pm EST: a) publish your class, b) create a class project in Skillshare Teacher Center: Learn to Teach an Amazing Class that has, at minimum, a class topic, c) leave at least 1 piece of feedback on a peer's project in the Creative Career Challenge. 

Additionally, you must do the following by March 1st, 2017: a) make at least 1 referral to Premium Membership. 

Please note, the required referral cannot already be a teacher on Skillshare.


How do I start my class draft?

Head to and click “Start a Class.” Your class creator is where you’ll upload all of your class content and videos before publishing your class. Although you should feel free to use your class creator as a private working space as you plan out your class, this space is only visible to you and the Skillshare team.


How do I create a project in the Creative Career Challenge?

Head to the Teach an Amazing Skillshare Class. Then, start your class project in Teach an Amazing Skillshare Class project gallery. Follow this quick visual tutorial for some extra guidance.


How do I share my intro video in the Creative Career Challenge? 

 Upload your intro or sample video to YouTube or Vimeo and share the URL in your class project. Don't have a YouTube account? Head here and click "Upload" in the top right hand corner. 


Do I have to live in the USA to participate?

You can teach a Skillshare class from anywhere in the world!


Have any other questions or need more help?

Email any questions or feedback to

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