Earning FAQs

Will minutes watched offline through the app count?

Yes, offline watch time is recorded and incorporated just like online watch time. Your class stats will update the next time a member logs in online.

What if a student watches my class in 2X speed?

The actual amount of time a student spends watching your videos is what will count towards your total minutes watched. For example, if a student watches your 10 minute video in 2X speed, this would count as 5 minutes watched. If a student watches your 10 minute video in 0.5X speed, this would count as 20 minutes watched.

Does this mean that longer classes are better?

No, because longer classes are often less engaging, they often receive fewer minutes watched than their shorter, more engaging counterparts. The most important thing is that your classes are actually watched, so making them truly compelling is the primary goal.   

A shorter, high-quality class is more likely to get watched all the way through, receive positive reviews, and attract more students. To hit the student engagement sweet spot, keep your class between 20-60 minutes.

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