Skillshare workshops are curated collections of classes (usually 2-3) that complement each other and work well in sequence. They typically last 4 weeks, receive dedicated marketing, and are run by a Community Manager who posts regular updates and keeps students on track with deadlines. Workshops are designed for students looking for a more intensive learning experience or for more access to teachers and more feedback. 

We only program workshops from the very best classes in our catalog and we expect a higher level of engagement from the teachers who participate. If you become a Top Teacher on Skillshare or create a class that receives a Staff Pick and you opt-in to this higher level of engagement during the workshop (typically ~2 hours/week providing feedback, and posting at least three discussion prompts) we will include your class(es) in our list for workshop curation. 

Having a class on this list does not guarantee inclusion. We program based on multiple factors that change over time. But since teacher involvement is such an important part of the workshop experience, we are more likely to program classes from teachers who are available and excited to participate. If you receive a Staff Pick or become a Top Teacher, please reach out and let us know if you are eager to participate in a workshop!