Giving Your Class a Level

Label your class as Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or All Level. By selecting the most accurate level, you’ll help students find content that is best suited for their existing knowledge and skills. This increases your likelihood of reaching the right audience and receiving positive class reviews. Keep these definitions in mind when selecting your level:

  • Beginner
    No prerequisite knowledge or techniques are required. The class includes everything students need to know to complete the project.

  • Intermediate
    Some prerequisite knowledge is required or would be helpful for students to get the most out of the lessons. 

  • Advanced
    Significant prerequisite knowledge is required for students to follow and learn from the class. An advanced class is meant for a professional-level student.

  • All-level
    Classes with this distinction may defy categorization as beginner, intermediate, or advanced for either of the following reasons. 
    • The class is complete and comprehensive, with so much instruction and guidance that students ranging from beginner to advanced can follow along and find value in the content.

    • The topic does not have a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level. This could include class topics such as productivity, journaling, travel, and wellness.