How does Skillshare’s growth in January impact teacher payments?

Note: Your payment for January will arrive to your Paypal account on Sunday, February 16th


Teachers are paid every month based on site and class activity: 


Every month, 30%-50% of Skillshare’s Premium Membership revenue goes into a royalty pool for teachers. The remaining revenue goes towards the operations of the platform and our marketing efforts, which work to bring more members to Skillshare. Teachers are then paid through the royalty pool based on their share of the minutes-watched by Premium members. For example, a teacher who received 5% of all minutes-watched would earn 5% of the royalty pool. 


January is always a strong month for growth at Skillshare with learning as a top New Year’s Resolution:  


Every year in January, Skillshare invests heavily into marketing efforts to grow and inspire our community. This January, you may have noticed our ads on Instagram and Facebook, along with sponsorships on your favorite podcasts, Youtube channels, and more. As in previous Januarys, these extensive New Year’s marketing efforts resulted in growth in Premium members and, accordingly, growth in Premium minutes-watched. 


This member growth has a proportional and sequenced impact on payments: 


New members who joined in January will start paying for Skillshare in March and April when their 2-month free trials end. So, while minutes-watched rose on the platform in January, Skillshare’s revenue — and the size of the royalty pool — won’t start growing proportionately until March and April as these new members begin paying.


Meanwhile, as a result of this proportionality dynamic, you may notice the amount you’re receiving per minute-watched in your classes is slightly lower than what you were seeing towards the end of 2019. This does not mean Skillshare teachers are earning any less — the lower amount per minute is outweighed by the higher volume of minutes overall.


Over time, the growth fueled in January leads to higher teacher earnings: 


The exciting news is that when the members who joined Skillshare in January become paying subscribers in March and April, we're anticipating a spike in revenue for the royalty pool, which means more money paid out to teachers on the whole. 


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