Enterprise Team Reports

This reporting feature is only available on the Skillshare for Teams Enterprise Plan.


Our Enterprise Team Report for Skillshare For Teams clients is designed to give you better insights into how your team is using Skillshare for their personal and professional development.


Below is a breakdown of what you can expect to see in your monthly or weekly report moving forward.

Questions or feedback? Please reach out to your CSM directly or send an email to teamhelp@skillshare.com.


High-Level Team Overview

At the top of the report under Team Overview, you'll see a high-level view of how many total seats your account has, how many of those seats are occupied, how many pending invites you have, and how many available invites remain.




You'll also see, on an aggregate level, how many total minutes of content your team has watched over a given period of time (completely customizable!) and how many total classes the team has watched. 


We also surface how many classes your team has saved over a given period of time, in addition to how many personal class lists team members have curated for their own personal learning. Saving classes and creating personal lists are great engagement indicators. We're also able to show you how many classes your team has completed.


Since we're a project-based platform, you'll also be able to see whether or not your team members are actively posting projects to showcase their learnings. 


Team Trends and Graphs

Numbers require narrative and it's important to understand how your team's usage and engagement changes and improves over time. In this section, you'll see the total minutes watched, total classes watched, total classes saved, total lists curated, and total projects uploaded data from the Team Overview section.


With this data, you're able to see how that data is distributed over a given period of time. We can also customize the time period to meet your unique needs. 



Class Categories
With the class category breakdown, you're able to understand what kind of content your team members are engaging with. In the Top Classes Watched section you can see a count of how many users have watched each individual top class, how many minutes have been spent watching each of those classes, and how many of the top classes have been completed. 


Team Member Engagement Metrics 

Lastly, understanding how your individual team users are engaging with Skillshare content on a more granular level will help ensure each person is utilizing their Team access.



You'll see total minutes watched and classes watched per user, as well as the number of classes each individual user has completed. If you have additional user-specific reporting requests or needs, we're happy to work with you for even more custom reporting! 


Tailor your reports to your team's goals

Our reports are (and have always been) completely customizable so you can better maximize your team's engagement and usage of Skillshare. 


Have questions or feedback? Contact your CSM or email teamhelp@skillshare.com. 

Not a customer yet, but want to dig even deeper into our reporting capabilities? Talk to us and we'll give you a personalized tour.