Skills You Follow

When you're logged into your account and on the homepage of Skillshare, you can have a curated list of classes that contain the specific skills you want to learn.

Enabling "Skills You Follow"

On the bottom of the homepage, you'll see the list of skills you follow. If not, you can follow the steps below to see that list:

  1. Search and select any class that interests you.
  2. Click on the class and go to the About tab under the video.
  3. On the right-hand side, you'll see Skills in this Class.
  4. Hover and follow the skill(s) you'd like.
  5. Go back to the homepage.
  6. On the homepage scroll down to the bottom, there you’ll find the Skills You Follow and the option to edit it.
  7. Choose edit and a pop up box will appear, then you can start adding the skills you’d like to follow.
  8. Click Done when you’re finished.