How do I disconnect my Skillshare account from my Apple ID?


If you’d like to disconnect your Skillshare account from your Apple ID, please follow these steps:


  1. Follow the steps in this article to find the apps tied to your Apple ID, and follow the section titled ‘Stop Using your Apple ID with an app
  2. After you’ve disconnected this through your Apple ID settings, go to your Skillshare account settings page
  3. In your account settings, click ‘Disconnect’ next to ‘Connected to Apple
Please note, if you only want to change the email address tied to your Skillshare account, you can skip step #1.

Once you’ve disconnected by both managing your apps and visiting your Skillshare account settings, you should also be able to change the email address connected to your Skillshare account, if you’d like. You can update your Skillshare email address here.