Chroma Courses FAQ

What is a Chroma Course? 

Chroma Courses are multi-week immersive small group courses. They feature expert teachers, live Q&As, and personalized feedback on your assignments. During your Chroma Course, you will also have the opportunity to learn, collaborate, and network with others through tools like a shared course Slack channel. These cohort-based courses offer a unique opportunity to learn and grow along with fellow creatives.


What are the requirements to participate in a Chroma Course? 

Anyone can participate in a Chroma Course! All you need is access to Slack, Zoom, and a strong internet connection to participate in live sessions and watch Skillshare content. Individual Chroma Courses may have other specific programs or materials required to fully participate, so please be sure to read through any details on the specific course you are interested in. 


Do I need to have a Skillshare membership to sign up for a Chroma Course?

No, you do not need to be a Skillshare member to sign up for a Chroma Course. 


Which payment methods are accepted for Chroma Courses?

At this time, Chroma Courses can only be purchased with debit and credit cards. After your payment has gone through, you will receive a receipt in your email. 


When I sign up for my Chroma Course, will I have access to the rest of the Skillshare class catalog?

While you’ll have access to all the content on your Chroma Course dashboard, our Slack community, and your Chroma Course live sessions, this purchase does not include an annual membership to classes available on Skillshare.


What happens if I don’t complete my projects or miss a live session? Can I still complete the course?

Students will get as much out of their Chroma Course as they put into it. We encourage you to complete each project in your course and attend every session, but you will not lose access to your course if you miss any steps along the way.


If I can’t attend a live session, can I watch a recording later?

Chroma Course live sessions will happen on Zoom. We encourage you to attend all sessions live, but if you are unable to attend a session a recording will be shared with course participants. (Note: All live session times will be listed in EST.)


How can I join a live session for my Chroma Course? 

The link for your live session will be available the day of the class. When it’s time to log on, you will find the link in the Chroma Course Slack workspace, or in the reminder email you received. For other questions on how to use Zoom, please go here to read Zoom’s FAQs or go here to download Zoom. If you do not receive the link or are unable to access it, please reach out to a member of the Skillshare team in Slack.


How can I join and participate in the Slack community for my Chroma Course?

Your private Slack invite link can be found in your course dashboard, and will be emailed to you the Friday before the launch of your  Chroma Course. To download Slack, go here and for other questions on how to use Slack, please visit Slack’s Getting Started guide.


Can I access my Chroma Course content after the course ends?

Chroma Courses are a brand new offering from Skillshare, and at this time your Chroma Course dashboard, content, and Slack community will only be available for the duration of the course.


Can I get a refund on my Chroma Course?

Skillshare offers a full refund for your Chroma Course purchase up to five days before your course begins. After that point, we cannot offer a refund for your purchase.


Where can I go with other questions about my Chroma Course?

For any other questions or concerns, please reach out to the Skillshare team at