California State Library Membership FAQ

How can I sign up for Skillshare through California State Library?

To get access to Skillshare through California State Library, go to your local library's website and find the link for Skillshare. Then, you'll be directed to set up your free access to Skillshare.


How do I redeem a Skillshare membership?

You can redeem your Skillshare membership with a link from your local library. After clicking on the link, all you need to do is create your account and you'll be ready to start using Skillshare.


What do I receive with a Skillshare membership? 

A Skillshare membership provides you with unlimited access to thousands of classes where you can explore new skills and deepen existing passions. Skillshare classes are taught by icons, experts, and industry rock stars ready to share their experience, wisdom, and trusted tools with you. You’ll also get access to a community that can empower you to achieve real growth with tips and helpful project feedback.


How do I find a class to take?

We offer thousands of classes in 4 main categories—Creative, Business, Technology, and Lifestyle. You'll find classes recommended for you on your Home page and can adjust your Creative Interests to improve your recommendations. You can also check out our class lists made for California State Library to help you get started.


What happens after my Skillshare membership from California State Library ends?

Once your Skillshare membership from California State Library ends, you can choose to extend your membership on your own and remain a Skillshare member. Otherwise once your membership ends, you will be able to login to your account but you will no longer be able to take classes.