Earn From Your Teaching

As a teacher on Skillshare, you can earn revenue from members watching and engaging with your classes each month.

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Heads up! Starting in January 2024 and reflected on your February 2024 payment, we will be shifting back to a percentage of revenue model, paying approximately 20% of our subscription revenue (less transaction fees and taxes) to teachers. For more details on this change, read our announcement, Changing the Skillshare Teacher Fund Back to Revenue Share (December 2023).

How We Calculate Your Teacher Earnings

Skillshare operates under a subscription model. Members pay an annual or monthly fee for a Skillshare membership, which includes unlimited access to our entire catalog of classes and other membership benefits like hands-on projects, teacher feedback, and offline viewing through our mobile app. View the full benefits of a Skillshare membership here.

Each month, approximately 20% of Skillshare’s total subscription revenue is allocated to teacher payments. Teachers will be paid out from this share of revenue based on the following metrics:

Minutes Watched

The majority of the Skillshare Teacher Fund each month goes toward paying teachers for minutes watched in their classes. When calculating how much you will get paid for minutes watched, we calculate your share of that month’s total minutes watched as compared to other earning teachers. We also take into account several factors tied to the member that watched your class, including things like the geography of the member watching, if a member is using a free trial or the nature of their paid subscription (we only pay for minutes watched by members who ultimately begin and continue a paid subscription). This enables us to align teacher earnings with actual sales revenue.


A small share of the Skillshare Teacher Fund each month goes toward paying teachers for meaningful engagement with members. Members tell us they desire more teacher engagement, and teachers who do are more successful overall on the platform, so we are going to reward teachers directly who engage meaningfully with their students. 

Engagement earnings are calculated and distributed in the following way:

  • The monthly engagement reward will be based on positive student reviews (a rating of “met” or “exceeded” expectations).
  • Active members of our Top Teacher and Rising Teacher programs have been selected to be eligible for these earnings. If you are a member of one of these programs on the last day of a calendar month, you will be considered active in that program for that earning month.
  • Eligible teachers in those programs who receive at least one (1) new positive student review in any of their classes by 11:59pm ET on the last day of that calendar month will automatically receive a reward of either $250 (Top Teachers) or $100 (Rising Teachers) on their next monthly payment. If you earned a monthly engagement reward, a confirmation email will be sent to you between the end of the earning month and the next payment.

Please note that negative reviews (rating of “somewhat” or “not really”) do not have any impact on monthly engagement earnings, and that earning engagement rewards will be subject to our usual Terms and payment requirements. For more information on how reviews work, head to Receive Student Reviews.

If you are not yet a member of one of these eligible programs, and aspire to level up your teaching success on Skillshare and unlock this phase of engagement earnings, we invite you to explore this article about our teacher programs and take advantage of the many resources in our Teacher Help Center about quality and engaging teaching. Regardless, you can continue to earn each month for minutes watched in your classes and referrals; for more information, refer to the current article Earn From Your Teaching, as well as Earn From Your Referrals.


What You Can Expect About Monthly Earnings

We send your monthly payment for earnings from the Skillshare Teacher Fund and referrals (see Earn From Your Referrals) on the 16th of each month through Tipalti. If the 16th of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, Skillshare will send your monthly payment on the closest preceding business day. Review our article When and how do I receive payments from Skillshare? to learn more about Tipalti, payment options, and processing times.

While we do our best to estimate your teacher earnings each month on your Teacher Stats dashboard, your actual payment may differ because of these additional factors:

  • Your share of the total minutes on the platform is calculated based on the performance of your classes relative to the performance of other teachers’ classes, in addition to adjustments based on member data, such as price differences by markets, if the member is using a free trial or a paid subscriber, and other variations in user behavior.
  • Our Trust & Safety team regularly conducts fraud investigations among users that may occasionally result in changes to your minutes watched, and thereby, your share of total minutes. To learn more about these fraud investigations and their potential effect on your minutes watched, review the article Why did my minutes watch decrease?


There are a few exceptions to earning for your teaching on Skillshare that are important to keep in mind:

  1. You must accrue a minimum of 75 total minutes watched by members on an active subscription across all of your published classes in such month in order to receive a payment for that month.
  2. Trailer minutes do not count toward your monthly payment as all class trailers are available to watch for free.
  3. Minutes watched by students through a free access link or during a free trial do not count toward your payment.

Tracking Your Earnings

Your Teacher Stats dashboard is an overview of activity and earnings for your teaching on Skillshare. Visit Where can I find information on my class performance and earnings? for a detailed breakdown of the information displayed on this dashboard.

Engagement rewards will be paid to eligible teachers each month as a manual payment on top of earnings for minutes watched and referrals. This payment will show up on your Teacher Stats dashboard under Adjustments for that payment month. To check that you have received a reward payment, review our FAQ, I received a reward or bonus on my monthly payment. How do I track that?