¿Cómo puedo comunicarme Skillshare?

Consultas generales sobre Soporte

Si eres un estudiante, encontrarás recursos en nuestras preguntas frecuentes. Para comunicarte con nuestro Equipo de soporte, envía un mensaje a help@skillshare.com, envía un ticket o inicia un chat en vivo.

Teacher Support inquiries

Visita esta sección para acceder a recursos que te ayudarán con las dudas que tengas. También puedes comunicarte con nuestro equipo de Soporte para profesores, a teach@skillshare.com.

Skillshare for Teams inquiries

Head here for resources on Skillshare for Teams accounts. You can contact our SFT team for direct assistance at teamhelp@skillshare.com.

Press inquiries

Head here to access our media center, and contact our press team at press@skillshare.com.

Consultas sobre asociaciones

If you’re an organization, institution or entity interested in partnering with us, contact us at partners@skillshare.com.

Career Opportunities

We're hiring! You can learn more about us and our available opportunities on our Careers page.

Skillshare is among several companies made aware of a phishing scam of fraudulent job postings, with individuals posing as hiring managers and recruiters from our company - they are communicating with candidates via multiple job boards, email, text, Skype and other messaging apps.

Please note, Skillshare employees will only use valid @Skillshare.com email addresses to communicate with you, will have video interviews with you, and will never ask you for money or for you to email your personal identification information to us.