What should I add to my Skillshare profile?

Your profile page is a place to show off your skills and interests to get discovered by other members on the platform. In addition to uploading the basics like a profile photo, a bio, and headline, we encourage you to get creative and customize your profile with images, videos, personal projects, and more to demonstrate your unique style.

Below, find some ideas for what to share on your profile, whether you come from a Creative, Business, or Technology background. Of course, don’t feel limited to anything you see here - the Skillshare profile was designed to give you the flexibility to customize your profile in whatever way suits your style!

Creative Background

Design a killer profile to display your skills to potential clients and grow a following of Skillshare members who are inspired by your work. Ideas of what to share:

  • Images or videos of your work
  • Clients you’ve worked with
  • An overview of your skills and areas of focus
  • Projects you did for clients or just for fun (feel free to share work in progress and update over time)
  • Resources or tools you recommend
  • Links to work you’ve done off of Skillshare or other artists or blogs that inspire you
  • Links to work or merchandise you have available for sale

Business Background

Whether you’re looking to land a new job or connect with other Skillshare members in your field, sharing your business background and examples of your work will make your profile stand out. Ideas of what to share:  

  • Past experiences and highlights from your career
  • Business plans, slide decks or presentations
  • Graphs or models that illustrate successes or challenges
  • Project recaps and retrospectives (feel free to start a project that’s incomplete and update it over time to share progress)
  • Details on your company and role
  • Information on services you provide (speaking, consulting, etc.)

Technology Background

Use your profile to contribute to the tech community on Skillshare and showcase your skill-set to potential employers and collaborators. Ideas of what to share:

  • Past experiences and highlights from your career
  • Details on your company and role
  • Side projects you've worked on (feel free to link to a code repository on GitHub etc, or share a direct code snippet)
  • Open source projects you've contributed to
  • Events you've attended or spoken at
  • Blog posts you've written