Profile Guidelines

When updating your Skillshare profile, please be sure to keep in mind these three guidelines:

Be Yourself

Every profile on Skillshare must follow these guidelines:

  • If you are teaching as an individual, the name on your profile must be your name
  • If you are teaching as a company or collective of multiple teachers, the name on your profile must be your company/organization name
  • Your profile photo must be a picture of you or content belonging to your company or organization; no stock images, licensed content, PLR content, or other content copyrighted or trademarked by another party
  • You may not have more than one Skillshare profile

Be Honest

Represent yourself honestly and accurately:

  • No false or misleading information
  • No attempts to impersonate someone else or violate someone else’s intellectual property right
  • Do not use social connects to connect to accounts that you don’t own personally
  • You must be the primary content creator behind all content you upload to Skillshare including Classes, Projects, etc.
  • You’re responsible for having the proper authorization to use any other supplemental content, such as images or videos, that you upload to your Profile

Be Respectful

All content you upload to your Profile (text, images, videos and projects) must fully adhere to our Community Guidelines:

  • No spam, unwanted or repetitive content
  • No content that promotes dubious or illegal activity, or content that is explicit, disrespectful, intimidating or harassing


Content on profiles that breaks these guidelines is subject to removal without warning and eventual account suspension.


If you see someone breaking these guidelines, contact us at and we’ll investigate right away. Thanks for your help in keeping the Skillshare community safe!