I received a reward or bonus on my monthly payment. How do I track that?

Teachers may receive additional payments from Skillshare, including but not limited to:

  • Prizes for publishing challenges and sprints in our Teacher Programs
  • Reimbursement for equipment purchases in our Teacher Programs
  • Engagement rewards (for Top Teacher and Rising Teacher programs)

If you are eligible for an additional payment, these will be added manually to your monthly earnings and will show up on your Teacher Stats dashboard under Adjustments

To confirm receipt of these earnings, follow these steps after the payment date:

  1. Login into your teacher account on Skillshare.
  2. Navigate to Account Settings > Membership & Payments.
  3. Once there, click on the Payment History tab and then the relevant payment transaction details.
  4. Confirm the total amount sent to you represents your total earnings as displayed on your Teacher Stats dashboard.

Note that if you earned a monthly engagement reward (for Top Teacher and Rising Teacher programs), a confirmation email will also be sent to you between the end of the earning month and the next payment.