How do I sign up to teach a class in English?

Skillshare’s sign up process for first-time teachers helps ensure a high-quality learning experience for our member community. Anyone who is looking to publish content on Skillshare must comply with our content guidelines and be approved by our team in order to publish their first class or a 1-on-1 Session. This article will guide you through everything you need to know about how the process works.

In this article:

How the Sign Up Process Works

Prospective teachers can access our sign up form at any time by heading to The form requires you to categorize your content and agree to our Terms & Content Guidelines. It also includes optional questions about your first class topic and if you’d like to be considered for Teach Lab — a Skillshare program for high potential creators. If you’d like to be considered for Teach Lab, you will need to provide details on your class topic and submit a short sample teaching video. If you’re new to Skillshare, be sure to check out our article, How Learning on Skillshare Works, for a high-level overview of how Skillshare classes are structured.

Either your first class topic or your first 1-on-1 Session topic must be approved through our submission process. You don't need approval from us for any subsequent class topics or 1-on-1 Sessions, but all classes you publish to Skillshare should still follow our Class Quality Guidelines.

If your class falls under a category that is not accurately reflected in the sign up form, you may select ‘Other’. In this case, our  team will review your submission and we’ll aim to get back to you over email within two weeks to let you know whether you have been approved. Once you’ve been approved, you’ll receive access to our class upload tool that will enable you to publish a class at any time. For more information on how 1-on-1 sessions work, check out the article, How 1-on-1 Sessions Work, in our Teacher Help Center. If your submission to teach is not accepted, you are welcome to sign up again in the future.

Your Class Topic

Before completing our sign up form, we recommend you check if your class topic is permitted on Skillshare. Head to our article, What categories and topics can I teach on Skillshare?, to learn what we currently accept, and check out the article Class Content & Topic Restrictions to see what is not permitted.