Reporting a Violation

Reporting a Violation


Skillshare has a team of moderators that reviews the site daily etc for guidelines violations, but we also rely on our community to help keep the platform safe. Read on for what to do if you come across a Skillshare member violating our guidelines.


How to Report a Class


Policy violations found within classes can be reported by any Skillshare member using the "Report A Class" button to the bottom right of the video player. While Skillshare takes into account the frequency of reports in a particular class or pertaining to a specific teacher, all courses are comprehensively reviewed by our team before any action is taken. Reporting a class does not guarantee that it will be hidden, only that it will be reviewed for policy violations by our team of moderators.


This feature should not be used to dispute transactions, provide site-related feedback, or report technical issues. For these issues, please email us at


How to report a project, class review, discussion, or comment


To report policy violations outside of a class itself, please write in to with a link or screenshot of the content in question and where you came across it.


On iOS, comments in Groups that break the Community or Class Guidelines can be reported on by holding down the comment and selecting the option to ‘Report this content’. This feature is not currently supported on Android, but Android users are encouraged to email us at if they come across a violation in this area.


How does the strike system work?

Skillshare has a three-strike system for violations of our Community Guidelines. The Skillshare Moderation team carefully reviews content uploaded to all areas of the site. If a violation is found, it is recorded internally on the user’s profile. After a Skillshare user receives 3 strikes, our Moderators reviews the total account history of the user and the timeline in which the strikes occurred.  


Strikes are rolled back on a 6-month basis, meaning that in order to have your account closed for a violation of our Guidelines, all 3 strikes must have been issued within a 6-month period.


If a teacher is having their class content removed due to content violations, the teacher’s classes will not be accessible to students and the teacher will no longer be eligible to receive royalties or referral bonuses. Teachers who’ve had all of their content removed may still use sign in to their accounts as a student and participate in others’ classes, discussions and workshops. However, if the strikes were recorded due to violations of the Community Guidelines, these privileges may be revoked.  


In cases of impersonation, illegal or fraudulent activity, users may have all of their content or entire profiles removed without any strikes being issued.


For more information, please visit our Terms of Service.