How do I find a class to take?

We offer more than 20K classes in 4 main categories (Creative, Business, Technology, and Lifestyle) and over 30 subcategories.


Click on Home at the top of your screen to see classes recommended for you based on the skills and teachers you follow, and the classes you've watched previously. Simply hover your mouse and click Save on any class or list you might want to add to your Your Classes page.


You can adjust your Creative Interests at the bottom of your Home page to improve your recommendations.


If you'd like to check out other classes, go to our main Classes page by clicking Browse > Classes at the top of the page. To filter the classes, simply scroll down and click any of the See All buttons.


On the next page, feel free to filter your search results as you please! You can sort by Trending, Popular, or New classes. You can also filter by, Social (Teachers I Follow) and Class Length by ticking on the boxes that you'd like to apply to your search.